South Carolina – York

I visited an old High School friend, who lives in York.  It is located just south of Charlotte, North Carolina.  (,_South_Carolina)

YorkSC2015 (125)

York is a small town, with only about 7000 residents.

I took a walking tour of downtown.

YorkSC2015 (134)

I visited “The Men’s Shop.”  It has such an elegant style.  Reminded me of the fashionable clothing shops of my youth.

YorkSC2015 (61)The proprietor invited me in to take pictures of the store.

I loved the window display.

YorkSC2015 (10)

YorkSC2015 (28)YorkSC2015 (50)

The most unusual thing in town is a large spine in front of the Chiropractor’s office…

YorkSC2015 (77)

The TV series “Outcast” is filmed in York.    Some of the buildings are made to look like Rome, West Virginia.  (

YorkSC2015 (119)           YorkSC2015 (118)

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