The last blog entry (out of space)

When posting the most recent entry (about York, South Carolina), I found that I have used up the space allotted to me by WordPress.

Thank you for following my adventures!

Every time I read a comment or saw a Like, it made me feel good.  It’s nice to know that people enjoy my work.

Here’s a picture of me, in case you wondered whose photographic adventures you have been following.

Eileen2015a    (photo by Charlene Hracs, 2015)

If I start another blog, I will post a message with the link.  (If I do not have enough room to create another post, I will try to insert the link into this blog post.)

Once, again, thanks for traveling the country with me.  Your support meant a lot to me.


– Eileen

Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                           503-451-0385

All photographs and blog content (except where specifically noted) – copyright 2011 – 2015  Eileen Newman


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