Nebraska – Ashland (Eugene T. Mahoney State Park)

Last night, just before sunset, my new friends and I went to the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park  (

We  headed up a very tall observation tower (Walter Scott Jr. Observation Tower) to watch the sunset.

MahoneyStatePkNebraska2015 (2)

The tower sat on a bluff that overlooked the Lower Platte River.  Since Nebraska is pretty flat, one can see far from the top of the tower.

MahoneyStatePkNebraska2015 (3)

I started running up and got to teh third floor.  Suddenly, I realized that the structure had hollow circles on the floor and it rocked (from the others on the tower and from the wind).

My fear of heights kicked in.

MahoneyStatePkNebraska2015 (60)

I do not mean a casual fear, but a death grip on the guardrail-type fear.  I was able to move a little, but not much….

My friends came back down to check on me.  A sweet teenager (from our group) took my hand and (by also grabbing the guardrail) I walked to the top.  I was still frightened up there, so he stayed with me and held my hand while I walked around and took pictures.   (The young man seemed like an angel to me.  I knew I would be safe with him.  FYI – He is a 17 year old exchange student from Japan.)

Here are some of the pictures…

MahoneyStatePkNebraska2015 (27)

MahoneyStatePkNebraska2015 (22)

MahoneyStatePkNebraska2015 (80)

Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                           503-451-0385

All photographs and blog content – copyright 2011 – 2015  Eileen Newman


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