Florida – Tampa – Tampa Theater

Last night, I volunteered at the Tampa Theater.  They were having their annual “Hollywood Awards Night” (on the night of the Academy Awards telecast).    (http://www.artstampabay.com/event/detail/441900515)

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (28)

It was a great event.  There was lots of Hollywood-like flash and energy.  People dressed  up and walked the red carpet.

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (40)

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (409)blur

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (327)blur

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (156)

The theater was built in the 1920s.  It is an elaborate masterpiece of design.  (http://tampatheatre.org/ & http://tampatheatre.org/faqs/)

I entered the Tampa Theater after the Academy Awards telecast had started.   As a result, my photographs were taken in very low light, without a tripod.  I apologize for the less than stellar quality pictures.  However, even in bad light and blurry, the theater still shows its beauty.

The main floor –

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (446)

In the balcony, I saw a magnificent scene.  The best I can describe it is as a town-like scene and a blue (sky) ceiling with small lights (to look like stars).

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (481)

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (480)

The main floor lobby –

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (488)

The second floor lobby –

TampaTheaterOscars2015 (487)

              Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker               eileen14800@gmail.com                      503-451-0385

All photographs and blog content – copyright 2011 – 2015  Eileen Newman


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