All over the USA – a hodgepodge of images and stories

I love dandelions.  (Taken in Viroqua, Wisconsin)

ViroquaWI05222014 (41)

On my way back from Nehalem (on the Oregon coast), I pass by these signs.  I love the way the  “sunken grade” sign has sunken….


In my friend’s driveway (in Peebles, Ohio) was a school bus.  Not an old, out of commission bus, but a real one.  She is a bus driver and that’s where the bus is parked at night….

PeeblesOH08192014 (45)

I loved the beauty of the textures and colors in this rock wall (in the Gainesville, Georgia area).

Georgia (2)

The Tampa Bay area (in Florida) is a very windy place in winter.


I was at a music performance in Mohler, Oregon when I saw the lights.


Every year, the small town of Manzanita, Oregon hosts a large July 4th parade.  Starting the night before, people set their chairs up and leave them.  By parade time, there are hardly any spots to be found.

ManzanitaORJuly4th2011 (3)

An antique car, parked at the July 4th celebration in Manzanita, Oregon.

ManzanitaORJuly4th2011 (4)

In a  natural area on the outskirts of Manzanita, Oregon, some ducks stroll by.

ManzanitaORextra2011 (33)

             Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                           503-451-0385

All photographs and blog content – copyright 2011 – 2015  Eileen Newman


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