New York – Buffalo/Niagara Falls

It had been about 30 years since I visited Buffalo and Niagara Falls.  In 2014, I went back….       (,_New_York &

In Buffalo, I stayed in a neighborhood of nice older houses…

BuffaloNY06132014 (1)BuffaloNY06132014

BuffaloNY06132014 (8)

Visited the zoo – to see the buffalo….

BuffaloNY06132014a (16)Saw the beautiful Albright-Knox Art Gallery building…    (

BuffaloNY06132014a (45)and the park out front….

BuffaloNY06132014a (42)Visited the waterfront.

BuffaloNY06132014a (154)BuffaloNY06132014a (49)

BuffaloNY06132014a (64)BuffaloNY06132014a (209)

BuffaloNY06132014a (87)

BuffaloNY06132014a (166)

The waterfront had a bunch of cool statues carved from wood.  Artists carved the statues of local historical figures from trees that fell during the big October, 2006 storm.

The man on the right is Frederick Law Olmsted, an architect.   His statue was carved from a 100 year old Silver Maple tree.   (

BuffaloNY06132014a (75)

I also visited Niagara Falls on the NY side.  Even though people told me that these were not as beautiful as from Canada, I thought they were pretty impressive!    (

NiagaraFallsUS06062014 (7)

NiagaraFallsUS06062014 (12)

NiagaraFallsUS06062014 (13)

              Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                       503-451-0385

Photographs and blog content – copyright 2011-2015  Eileen Newman


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