New York – Peekskill/Cortlandt Manor area

I traveled to back to my old hometown (originally referred to as part of Peekskill, but now called Cortlandt Manor) to work on two documentaries in 2012.  (,_New_York &,_New_York)

I grew up in a very historical area, dating back to pre-Revolutionary War days.  Streets have names like Gallows Hill Road and Revolutionary Road.  One area is called Continental Village.

The site of the house I grew up in (at Gallows Hill and Oregon Roads) dates back to those days.  The foundation is from the days of Taylor Tavern, where (it was said) the continental army would drink.  Tales tell of George Washington drinking there, too.  The story is that the British burned down the Tavern.  Another building was built on the site.  My childhood home was the third home built on the foundation – in 1912 or 1914.  It has remained there for more than 100 years.  (

This picture of my childhood home was taken about 20 years ago. house Along Oregon Road, there are a few historic cemeteries, including the Assumption and Hillside Cemeteries.  I heard that there are graves dating back to Revolutionary war days in the cemeteries in this area.

. DSCN7393 DSCN7411There are beautiful trees along Oregon Road (of the former site of Lakeland Acres, now a golf course).  This is the site of the Robeson Riots/Peekskill Riots of 1949 (the location of the first of two riots).


I drove along Old Albany Post Road.  (

This road connected New York City and Albany, back in the Revolutionary War Days.

Old Albany Post Area

I followed Old Albany Post from the bottom of Gallows Hill Road, north to the historic Bird and Bottle Inn.  I read that this was the site of a stagecoach stop before the Revolutionary War.  ( Bird&Bottle1

       Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                       503-451-0385

Photographs and content, copyright 2011-2015 Eileen Newman

6 thoughts on “New York – Peekskill/Cortlandt Manor area

  1. The main gathering area for the “Robeson Riots” was at the former site of the Hollow brook Drive In theater which was on Oregon Road closer to Putnam Valley. It is now a housing development. The riot spilled over into Putnam Valley, particularly at Oregon Corners. There are many first-hand accounts (on facebook, “Peekskill NY In Pictures”, “You Know You Grew Up in Putnam Valley”, etc) by those of us who were eyewitnesses to the riot in our youth.


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