New York – Bear Mountain

Just across the Hudson River from my hometown (Peekskill, NY) is Bear Mountain State Park.  (

I grew up enjoying the natural beauty of the area and took it for granted.  Now that I return, I appreciate its magnificence.


In 2012, I came back to the Peekskill/Cortlandt Manor area to direct and shoot footage for two documentary films.  (The films were released on the 2012 “Two Tales of a Town” DVD.  They are called “The Robeson Concert & Riots of 1949″ and “racial integration of the Waterbury Manor neighborhood.”  The films can be seen on YouTube at .)

In addition to the two documentaries, a short photographic video was created that showcases the beauty of the general area, called “Our Beautiful Hudson River Valley.”  The music is by Hudson River Valley musician/composer, Alva Nelson.  (The video can be seen at .)

A friend accompanied me on the video shoot.  I showed her some of the great places at Bear Mountain.

Perkins Drive…  We drove the steep drive to the high lookout point, where we saw beautiful views of the Hudson River.  I have been told that on a very clear day, you can see New York City, approximately 59 miles to the south.

BearMtnNY2012 (10)

BearMtnNY2012 (6)BearMtnNY2012 (19)

The next two pictures were taken on side roads, on our way down Perkins Drive.   (It was late and the sun was setting, but this should give you an idea of the area.)

BearMtnNY2012 (33)A picture of the Bear Mountain Bridge.

BearMtnNY2012 (31)

A picture from the porch of the Bear Mountain Lodge.

LodgeView YY

               Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                       503-451-0385

Photographs and blog content – copyright 2011-2014  Eileen Newman


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