New York state – Garrison

When I visit New York state, I like to stop by Garrison.   (,_New_York)

Garrison is located about eight miles north of Peekskill, NY, where I grew up.

GarrisonNY (21)

I was first introduced to this area around 1968, when my family went to see the movie set of “Hello Dolly.” (Garrison was where the Yonkers scenes were shot.)   (,_Dolly!_%28film%29)

This gazebo was constructed for the movie.

GarrisonNY (6)

This is the street that people traveled to get to Vandergelder’s Store.


Through the trees, you can see the building used for Vandergelder’s Hay and Feed Store.

GarrisonNY (5)As a young adult, I spent much time in Garrison, as part of the local, community theater group (Hand To Mouth Players).    We produced shows in the Depot Theater (the old train station).  I directed my first play there.  (The building is now called “The Phillipstown Depot Theater” and houses another theater group.)

GarrisonNY (12)

The tracks outside the building are still used for train travel, as part of Metro North.  (Southbound trains head to Grand Central Station in NY City).

Garrison NY (26)

During our shows, trains would pass by or stop to pick up passengers.  Our actors would immediately freeze (since the trains were very noisy and no one could hear them on stage).  As soon as the train passed, they would continue as if nothing happened.  (I saw a play where an actor paused mid-sentence, remained perfectly still, and picked up as if no time had passed.  The audience when wild with applause.)

The building was also used in “Hello Dolly.”  It was the Yonkers train station.

Garrison is located about 50 miles north of New York City.  It’s on the east side of the Hudson River.

GarrisonNY 2012 (15)

GarrisonNY 2012 (8)NY4

Across the Hudson River is West Point Military Academy.  (


GarrisonNY 2012 (13)

              Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                       503-451-0385

Photographs and blog content – copyright 2011-2014  Eileen Newman


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