New Mexico – SE of Albuquerque (Routes 337, 55, & US 60) – Punta de Agua, Abo Ruins, etc.

I went looking for old New Mexico – the traditional building style and landscape.

I headed east from Albuquerque on US Highway 40 and turned south at state Route 337.   I joined state Route 55 south and then drove southwest on US Route 60.

This excursion gave me more than I had asked for.

Here are some of the highlights –

NewMexico21014 (10)

NewMexico21014 (82)

NewMexico21014 (347)

NewMexico21014 (84)

I love the way the Catholic cemeteries were decorated.

NewMexico21014 (34)

At this part of the trip, I visited the Quarai Ruins (which has a separate blog page – see  The ruins were spectacular!

In Punta de Agua, I found the San Vicente de Paul Catholic Church.  (

NewMexico21014 (314)

NewMexico21014 (320)

I also stopped at Abo Ruins, Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument  (

NewMexico21014 (359)

  Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker                       503-451-0385

Photographs and blog content – copyright 2012-2014  Eileen Newman


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