Oregon – Newport

On my way south, down the coast of Oregon,  I stopped in Newport.  It is a large city for the coast, having approximately 10,000.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newport,_Oregon)

I drove through the city and down to the docks area.  The smell of fish was in the air.  It was a gorgeous summer night.

DSCN9543DSCN9532I walked into a bar on the docks.  I told them that I was a professional balloon twister and wondered if they could gave me some work.  The owner gave me $20 and asked me to make as many balloons for his customers as $20 would take me.  So I had some fun twisting balloons and made a little gas money.  (It was a late night bar setting, so some of  the requests were obscene.)

I was planning to camp out that night and asked where it would be safe to car camp.  They told me to sleep in the big lot outside of their bar.

It was a good night’s sleep.

Before I left Newport, I snapped a few more pictures.



Eileen Newman, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker               eileen14800@gmail.com                      503-451-0385

All photographs and blog content – copyright 2011-2014  Eileen Newman


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